Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing requires a great deal of research and procedural work, Oxlipco Systems is not only aware of this fact but are also pre-arranged to manage these processes. Our expert and creative team are made up of professionals from various backgrounds with a proven record of delivering creative and effective online campaigns to achieve clients’ objectives.

Our promotional and brand building experience allows us to undertake all aspects of a publicity campaign integrating Online, Print, and promotional exercises are carefully targeted towards specific audiences with an individualized approach.

Digital Marketing

What We Will Cover:
1. Analyze Competitors’ and their Strategies
2. Keyword Research
3. Appealing Ad Copies to Escalate CTR
4. Responsive Ad creation using Google Web Design
5. Landing Page Audit and Review to Escalate Quality Score
6. Bid Management to generate more clicks within the prescribed budget
7. Extension management for higher conversions
8. Negative Keywords Management
9. Complete Ad campaign auditing for scheduling, URL Targeting, and Location Targeting and so on.

Result Driven Digital Marketing10. Examining, Reviewing & Analyzing Ads Copy to Accomplish ROI
11. Re-targeting or Re-marketing
12. Platforms optimization for versatile devices
13. Single click Direct Call Management, and so on.

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  • Google and Microsoft Certification
  • Partnership with Large players of the field
  • Cent percent Professionalism
  • Honesty, Reliability, Quality and maximum Accuracy
  • More than 16 hours a day Client Support for everyday
  • The 1-1 Conversation before the project starts
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