Reputation Management, Social Media Management

Reputation or Social Media Management


We’ll ensure the followings during your reputation management:

• Improve brand image
• Increase brand awareness
• Upsurge credibility
• Promote success stories
• Rebuild damaged reputation
• Comments, reviews and feedback management
• Content management

Reputation or Social Media Management

Reputation or Social Media Management Services

A decent online brand reputation is very significant these days. A robust and positive brand reputation can help your business to grow with a strong brand identity. Just keep in mind, Reputation is the decider of Success and Failure of your business. User feedback and their proper supervision is a critical part of the promotional strategy for successful online campaigns.

Online Feedback Management

Prompt and proper online feedback management is not only desirable but also a sign of excellent customer support which helps to increase brand awareness. We’ll encourage for more feedback and manage them in the most accurate way for maximizing positive impact.

We follow the IIR method (Indicator, Intensive Care and Reduction method) for Reputation or Social Media Management.


Establishing how likely you’ve got online feedback for your business is key to understanding the awareness of your brand and gives you indicators for improvement to achieve the chosen outcome.

Reputation or Social Media Management

Intensive care

Intensive care is essential for online reputation management for both negative and positive feedback promptly with professionalism. Intensive care is the shield of your brand success. Using Intensive Care for Reputation management

will bring you to the front row of your track.


Negative feedback is part of your business reputation. Through a professional and cordial dialogue with the feedback owner, we’ll try to reduce or change the negative feedback so that it can help to increase your brand awareness. Poor quality product is not the only source of reputation-damaging feedback, sometimes it caused by mishandling of customer request or poor or no customer support! If this is the case, we will try to make the client happy with the desired support delivery and come up in the end with a modified positive or no negative feedback.

Our Working Process:

We have a precise working process for reputation management for maximum ROI beyond considering the industry.

• One to one (1-1) Consultation
Research and Analysis
• Define and Set Strategy
• Channel focusing Content Creation
• Content-based Distribution and Promotion
• Progress/Performance Tracking
• Report Submission.

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